Book Review: The woman who went to bed for a year

As some of you may know I love to read and travelling is one way to discover new books. Especially when I have some time waiting at airports.

Sue Townsend’s new novel “The Woman Who Went to Bed For a Year” caught my eye and I read it in one go. I just wanted to know how it would end.

The cover shows some reviews like “ I laughed until I cried” and “Glorious, laugh-out-loud” and although I had to laugh reading this book I also felt the pain, the hopelessness and suppressed anger of Eva. There is a reason why she decides to climb into bed and not leave it again for one year.

The story touched my heart as I believe we all feel like Eva at times and would love to retreat from the world. Maybe that is why you feel for her, laugh with her and sometimes just want to kick her ass.

Loveable main character and enjoyable story to read!

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