The experiment I call Life


What would happen if I treat my life as one big experiment?


If I move forward beyond fear? Beyond my doubts? Beyond the voices in my head that constantly tell me I will fail. That nobody really cares.


What would happen if I hear what those voices have to say, and do it anyway? Write that blog and really express what I feel, built a new company, take a sabbatical or tell somebody to go to hell? Not all things have to be big, but what would the outcome be if I do the opposite of what I normally do?


Just experiment with the life that is mine?


Stop the automatic pilot that triggers me time and again, falling into the same old patterns. Like a broken record.


If I want change, constructive change, I need to change the way I react. I need to review my beliefs and convictions. Look at what is in front of me as if I see it for the first time. Then decide how life could be if I reacted in a different way than I used to do.


It will be an adventure and all of a sudden it's not that scary anymore, but exciting.


I can get out of the cage I locked myself into.


Jump into this thing we call life and see what comes out on the other end. Which should be far more interesting.


 Fuck It, here I go!



My Life's Experiment